A 2nd donation from Efi Luzon for another $50,000 to the Love Foundation sponsoring and supporting 10 Villages in rural China through a special fund.

The Left-Behind Children

Who Are The Left-behind Children?

A lot of adults, men and women, in rural areas of China have to move long distance to urban areas to seek work, and because they cannot take their children with them due to unavailable housing or schools, they have to leave them behind, sometimes in the care of relatives or friends, and other times the children are left to fend for themselves.

There are approximately 60 million left-behind children in China; Or, One in every five children. (According to the 2010 Census data)
“They are orphans with living parents.”

Why Do They Need Help?
These children barely ever get to see their parents, 70% of the left-behind children see their parents less than once a year. As a result, these kids grow up without receiving proper parental love, care, or guidance.40% of the left-behind children are under the age of 5, not able to care for themselves and cannot get much needed of nurturing and protection;
Left behind children are vulnerable to domestic and sexual abuse, prone to injuries, addictions, and, not surprisingly, many of them suffer from different levels of mental illness.

* They account for 55% of all reported child sexual abuse cases; * 49% were injured at least once by slashes, burns, animal related force trauma; * They account for 61% of all children’s hospital admissions; * 50,000 die each year from drowning, vehicle-involved accidents, and poisoning, many are left-behind children; * Many are addicted to computer games, skip classes or drop out of school. * Many are found to have mental and behavioral problems, such as low self-esteem, emotional disorders like anxiety and depression * The high occurrence of suicides and suicidal thoughts: 37% aged 14-16 thought of committing suicide, 12% once planned to commit suicide, and 6% actually committed suicide and failed.

Many left-behind children became victims of human-trafficking and organized crime.

* Some are abducted and sold to cities and other villages. * Crime rate is 70% higher than other juveniles.
“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)
The Love Foundation is a charitable foundation dedicated to bringing God and his love to reach as many of the 60 million left-behind children in China as possible. In 2016, the foundation provided free summer camps held in 2,200 local churches for more than 220,000 left-behind children. In 2017, the target has been raised to serve 400,000 children. Your charitable contribution will make these summer camps a reality.

Your donation will support the left-behind children in one of these following areas:

  • Teachers Training – The Love Foundation calls and trains adult volunteers on how to be effective teachers, how to relate to children are unfamiliar with kindness and care, and how to narrate Bible stories to illustrate human love and devotion.
  • Educational Resources – The Love Foundation provides each classroom with laptops, projectors, books (including Bible storybooks,) and other supplies necessary for educational purposes.
  • Nutritional Assistance – Due to the fact that many left-behind children are from families of extreme poverty, the Love Foundation is providing free meals for all children attending the summer camps.
  • Healthcare – The Love Foundation will be inviting medical doctors, dentists and optometrists to visit the summer camps and provide free healthcare services to these children and families to whom access to medical treatment is rare and difficult.

Most of the children will enjoy an uplifting experience through the Love Foundation’s summer camps. Not only do these camps keep these children away from harms throughout the summer, but the camps also aim to build up the children’s confidence, instill an upright character, broaden their horizon and inspire them to live a healthy and positive life. It’s every children’s right to be educated, experience love, care, and proper guidance. Furthermore, many of them will also discover the love of Christ. They will find a home in Christ and His church, and they will be returning to the churches throughout their school year; and ultimately, with God’s grace, they will become the children of God.